1. 1. How do I shop?

    ▪ Check out all our product images and movies on SERIES. Go to PRODUCTS to read all about the product your interested in, and/or to DIGITAL SHOWROOM to customize your furniture, and then click Add To Cart on the products you want to buy. The products will be placed in your shopping cart at the top of the page.

    ▪ Click on CHECKOUT when your products are placed in the cart. Make sure that your cart contains the right products and the right pcs. Adjust if necessary.

    ▪ Return to the webshop and add more products to the cart or select PAYMENT by credit CARD or PAYPAL. 

    ▪ Choose COUNTRY to see the additional SHIPPING COST.

    ▪ If you have a VOUCHER, fill in the code.

    ▪ Fill in PERSONAL DATA.

    ▪ Click PURCHASE and you get a confirmation that summarizes your order.

    ▪ A confirmation will also be sent to the email address you have specified in the order.

    ▪ When your order is packed and the carrier have picked up your goods, you will recieve a mail from us with a delivery note.

  2. 2. Do you have retailers?

    We sell everything online with home delivery directly from the factory. Our partner in Sweden is Bygghemma, Badshop, Stone Factory, Golvshop, Moderna Bad.

  3. 3. Do you have a showroom?

    On Linnégatan 41 in Stockholm. Welcome!


  4. 4. How do I contact Swoon Customer Service?

    Best way to contact our Customer Service is to send an email to: info@swoon.se. Our goal is to answer all e-mails within 24 hours.

    Secondly, you call + 46 8 452 95 20 to our Showroom. If we can not answer right then, please leave a message or send us an email with your contact details, and we will call you back!





  5. 5. What countries do you ship to?

    We deliver to Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Great Britain and France. If you would like delivery to another country and are interested in our products, please contact our Customer Service: info@swoon.se 

    Please provide the complete address and what products you are interested, we will return to you with a price for the freight and a preliminary delivery time.

    We do not ship to the United States, yet.


  6. 6. Are the cabinets assembled at delivery?

    The cabinets are mounted on delivery. I.e. cabinet frames with fronts are delivered assembled from the factory.

    The doors on high cabinets are reversible in order to be able to choose left or right opening and is normally not mounted on delivery. You can inform us at your order that you want the door left or right opened, and we will install the door according to your wishes. Fill in your requirements in Check Out/Other message.

    (Washbasins, basin taps, handles and legs are not mounted on the cabinets at delivery.)

  7. 7. How is the furniture packed?

    The furniture deliveries will be in our specially designed box solutions on semi or full pallet, coated with a plastic cover to protect the packaging during transport. We use carton pallets to make it easier for you to recycle.

    For more information go to Curbside Delivery!


  8. 8. Do you help us carry the furniture inside?

    No, unfortunately not. The driver for our transporter Bring and their local partner in your country has no obligation to help carry inside the furniture to your home. It is good idea to be at least two people when the goods arrive because a vanity unir often weighs about 50-60 kg.

    See more information in our TERMS & CONDITIONS: Shipping & Delivery.

  9. 9. How do I order Stand/legs in a colour other than white and black?

    Go to PRODUCTS or DIGITAL SHOWROOM and add the right size of Side Stand in white or black to the Cart. Go to Checkout and write your desired colour in the box "Other Messages"! For example, type "the stand will be the same colour as the cabinet". 

    The price for customised colour of Side Stand is the same as for white and black.

    If you need more information, please contact our Customer Service: info@swoon.se

  10. 10. Can I install Swoon's bathroom cabinets without legs?

    All our bathroom cabinets should be wall mounted, mounting fittings included. Legs are optional and has mainly an aesthetic function, but also a practical function if there is uncertainty about the strength of your wall. (Especially if you choose larger and heavier cabinets, i.e. vanity units Soft and Square width 1000 mm).

  11. 11. Are handles and legs mounted on the cabinets at delivery?

    No, but a drilling template is included to make it easier mounting knobs & handles.

  12. 12. Is there room for drain pipe behind the vanity units?

    There is at least 65 mm space behind the drawers of the vanity unit to the wall for piping and installation of drain pipes to the wall or floor.

    For more information, go to MOUNTING & CARE INSTRUCTIONS.

  13. 13. What does it mean that the wash basin does not have an overflow?

    Overflow is where usually the round hole is located on the rear edge of the basin, between the waste and the basin waste and the basin tap.

    The practical importance is to not to use a closable basin waste to a wash basin without so-called overflow/overfill protection. This will eliminate the risk of flooding if, for example, there is a stop in the drain and someone forgets to turn of the tap.

    Wash basins to vanity unit Soft, Square and Single have no overflow, and you should always use a basin waste that is not closable. 

    Wash basins to Side vanity unit has overflow and then you can choose the type of bottom valve you want. 

  14. 14. What basin taps can be used to your vanity units?

    It is a standard hole of 35 mm diameter on all our washbasins. Most basin taps on the market will fit.

  15. 15. Can I order a washbasin without tap hole?

    The washbasins in the series Studio are available with and without a tap hole.