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With Stockholm based Swoon, everyone can create their own personal style in the bathroom, just as in the rest of the home. Swoon turns the bathroom into your favourite room!

Visit swoon.se and customise your own furniture. Start by choosing your favourite from our different series, combine colours, legs, taps and other accessories as you like, press ”enter” and your custom made furniture will be delivered to your door step.

Latest news from Swoon is that you can also select different patterns to furniture series Swoon Side. First out is the hexagon-patterned Side Honey available to buy at swoon.se from September.

- "We want to give even more opportunities to create a personal style in the bathroom by launching a collection with patterned fronts to our popular range of furniture Swoon Side" says Lars Tobiasson, CEO of Swoon.

Swoon’s bathroom furniture is available in white and black ash, as well as in 13 especially selected colours, including the new Silent Night. All furniture can also be ordered in any NCS-colour of your choice(!)

The furniture is delivered ready assembled directly from the factory in Sweden to the door step in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom and France.

Photography by Kristofer Johnsson. Styling by Lotta Agaton.

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Side Honey, Silent Night

New hexagon-patterned Side Honey Vanity Unit and Side High Cabinet in the new dark blue colour, Silent Night. Side Stand, in the same colour Silent Night. With matte black knobs Point and basin tap Ringo. Note how the pattern matching between the base cabinet and high cabinet.

Side Honey, Silent Night

Side Honey Vanity Unit has a large soft closing drawer with full extension, and a compartment for storage of smaller items. Knob Point and basin tap Ringo and matching basin waste in matt black.

Side Honey, Silent Night

New Side Honey with hexagon pattern in the new dark blue color Silent Night.

Side Honey, Silent Night

New hexagon-patterned Side Honey Vanity Unit in new dark blue colour, Silent Night. With Side Stand, Silent Night, Knob Point and basin tap Ringo in matt black.

Swoon Side Honey, Silent Night

Side Honey High Cabinet 300 in dark blue colour Silent Night, with soft closing door, and Side Stand in same colour Silent Night.