Product Information

Stand in white or black lacquered steel for Side Vanity Unit and Side High Cabinet. With adjustable feet that can be adjusted approximately plus 10 mm.

The stands are about 50 mm shorter in depth than the cabinets to make room for eventual exposed pipework.

Side Stand 300 fits Side High Cabinet 300 mm. Dimensions: 300x295x315 mm (WxHxD)

(S) Side Stand 500 fits Side Vanity Unit 510 mm. Dimensions 500x295x410 (WxHxD)

(M) Side Stand 800 fits Side Vanity Unit 810 mm. Dimensions 800x295x410 mm (WxHxD)

(L) Side Stand 1000 mm fits Side Vanity Unit 1010 mm. Dimensions 1000x285x410 mm (WxHxD)